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(A little history and reason for this project)
Dear Reader,
Hello, I am happy you are here visiting this project. Our great friend Mark Levin was teaching on the Pamphleteers of history. I called his radio show and told the call-screener we are alive and well.
Yes, that is what sparked the creation of this project The Conservative Pamphleteers. You may be thinking, OK, who are you, creating this important project? The answer is, My name is Susan and it's in the blood!
Pamphleteering was evident in my family dating back to my great grandfather, a printer and pamphleteer along with his daughter/partner Helen, who was my grandmother. Great grandfather A.L. was a printer by trade and did not know, he and his family would end up being his best customers.
Below is a pic of my grandfather, standing in front of great grandfather's print shop advertisement. This other pic is great grandfathers daughter, my Nana Helen.
Here is a picture of Nana Helen's diary from the 1920's; it is recorded, they were printing, folding and supplying tracts/pamphlets almost every other day as they went out onto the streets of Brooklyn & New York City.
If that history above is not enough, this same Nana Helen's grandfather, my great, great grandfather Rudolph Wilcken was the man responsible for the lighting up of Miss Liberty.
I've been a pamphleteer throughout my life, so when I say it's in the blood, this is what I mean.
A few points why this project needs your participation now:
- We are clearly seeing the results of what happens when good willed citizens of common sense are not engaging in the voting process. Progressive Democrats and their elected leaders are promoting policies that just seem unbelievable to a good willed America. Yes, it's going to be our job to encourage our good willed citizens to engage.
- Who would have ever believed our young people would be embracing Socialism. Looks like those "progressives" have done a good job hoodwinking many of our children onto a road that leads to destruction. Do these young people know that Socialism (which is the dangerous step before communism) just destroyed Venezuela, very quickly, only a couple of years ago?. These truths are no-where to be found in main stream media or journalism. Yes, it's going to be our job to inform them of the dangers of Socialism and to beware "the progressive movement" that is ushering it in.
- Thanks to the time and teaching of my great old buddy Neil, I have come to believe many of us may not be aware of the importance of our local elections. I myself, have always been fixated on the Nationals and wondering like the rest of us, how did we get here?. Yes, it is going to be our job to awaken our society to the importance of voting YEARLY.
- I have also come to understand that our local candidates are likened to a strong foundation and support for those you are seeing at the top. As an example, because we did not show up for the mid-term elections in 2018, President Trump lost the House of Representatives. This loss made it difficult to help the American people as he was planning. Yes, he still accomplished great things but I hope you can understand.
- Another loss we suffered due to lack of mid-term election turnout in 2018 was the NY State Senate. This loss took away the balance of power in NY with NY Democrats holding all legislative power. As a result of this loss we watched in horror the passage of the Late-Term Abortion Bill and overheard the conversation that they would actually consider, the murdering of babies that were already born. We have also witnessed a targeted effort that promotes distrust and de-funding of our Law Enforcement. 
I hope this information helps you to understand the importance of our focused work here at The Conservative Pamphleteers. By sharing the free tool supplied on this website called "Dear Fellow American", we are informing, encouraging and equipping our fellow Americans to Wake Up and engage themselves YEARLY in the voting process for the health, preservation and restoration of our Republic.
Thank you, God bless you and your family, and God bless America! I hope you will join us in this important work and subscribe below if you would like to hear from us once and a while. Please keep your eye out for emails from "The Conservative Pamphleteers". Add our email to your address book or white list it so communications can get through. Our communications will be very few but strategic.
Your Sister Sue


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