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Current Tract/Postcard below

Below is our tract/card & postcard. Please keep a stash on you to strategically leave, mail, hand out or deliver to your neighborhood.
You can print multiple sheets right from your home computer by double clicking on the PDF image below. If it doesn't pop up automatically it may have be sent to the download area on your computer.
There are six tracts per page (four for postcards) so it just requires a little cutting. You can print on any paper but we recommend you try cover stock (not card stock) paper. It is sturdy and lighter weight then card stock so it works better with a home printer. FYI: An office supply store sells cover stock paper and should be able to cut in bulk for a small fee.
We also encourage you to simply right click/copy the full color image on our homepage to share on social media, the small print at the bottom of our project card invites readers to come back to visit this website if they want to join us in the good work of The Conservative Pamphleteers.

Click on image to download printable
sheet of the Full Color Version:
Click on image to download printable
sheet of the Plain Text Version:
Click on image below to download
printable sheet of Postcards
Dear Fellow American
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