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At the urging of the brethren, we have added this page for you to access. It is our pleasure and joy to do so because those who know us personally, know that our passion for the Gospel is as strong as our passion to help our neighbor in the civil arena. Below you will see the tract/card image created that you can download and share. Click on the PDF image below to print for FREE the (8 per page) sheet we created for you. Check the downloads area of you computer if the PDF image does not pop-up automatically. We ask you, please consider sharing a tiny portion of your time to help carryout the projects original intent. Visit the CURRENT TRACT page to learn more and read other great ideas on sharing.
Dear Neighbor
Click on PDF image below
for the free printable sheet:
(8 tracts per page)
If you do not have a home printer, you can order a pack of 25 or 100, These full color Tract/Cards below measure 5" x 3.5" which is the minimum size allowed to mail as a postcard in the US:  Click Here to Order
Dear Neighbor
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